Melinda Schmidt

Director of Operations

Melinda came onboard in 2015 and she focuses on all internal process at Silver Grove, including:

  • Developing and documenting our business processes
  • Development and oversight of our Compliance processes
  • Marketing, social media, and website improvements
  • Customizing our CRM and business tools
  • Training our employees, advisors, and clients on all of the above

Melinda loves it when a plan comes together! There is nothing more satisfying, after creating a process, than to see it being used well by the people it was intended for.

It is Melinda’s goal at Silver Grove to create a business format that runs smoothly from end to end, balancing the needs of the employees, advisors, and clients equally. We welcome any feedback you may have, good or bad, on any interaction you experienced with anyone from Silver Grove!

Contact Melinda at: or 716-800-4291 ext 206

Phone 716-800-4291
Fax 716-970-4545