We are delighted you have chosen to work with Silver Grove Financial Group. We look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship. In order to alleviate any communication problems, we have found it beneficial to describe to new clients how our practice works so there are no misunderstandings in the future. We realize most of our clients have had relationships with other advisors who have each had their own methods of client interaction, so we want to clearly communicate what you can expect from our firm.

Silver Grove Financial Group works as a team, and you will be dealing with different members of our team at various times throughout our affiliation. Our internal systems allow every member of our team to monitor your situation. Your financial advisor will be your primary contact. This person will supervise the modeling of your financial situation and verify the technical details of your case are accurate and prepared in accordance with the goals and objectives you define. Your financial advisor will be fully versed on every aspect of your situation.

Over time, we want you to get to know and have confidence in every member of our team. Silver Grove Financial Group is comprised of highly competent people who are capable of doing many things to assist you. Your advisor's administrative assistant will be personally responsible for following up an all action items on your case. If you need service on your investment account, such as requesting an IRA distribution or setting up automatic contributions, please feel confident that you can work directly with your advisor's assistant. Our assistants are fully trained and capable of handling 99% of the issues that arise on a regular basis.

After they have assisted you, each team member is instructed to ask if you still wish to speak to your financial advisor. Most of our clients will say, “No, you've helped me with what I needed. Just tell them I said hello.” On the other hand, if you still wish to speak with any one of us, please indicate so. We always want to remain as accessible to you as possible.

Note that the time we spend with you will be uninterrupted. When you are with any one of us in a meeting or on a conference call, you will have our complete and undivided attention. For this reason, you may, on occasion, reach out for one of us and be asked to leave a message while we are with other clients. We encourage you to leave detailed messages with your questions or concerns. We strive to provide all of our clients the same level of attention and are diligent about returning our calls as promptly as possible.


The Expectations

Financial Advisor – Your financial advisor will serve as your guide and advise you to what best suits your goals. 

Administrative Assistant – Administrative Assistants will support your advisor. This person will be personally responsible for following up an all action items on your case.  

24 Hour Rule – Our clients are very important to us, whether they are visiting in person, by mail or by phone. Our clients deserve a timely response to all inquiries and we will make every effort to respond within 1 business day at the latest. 

Confidentiality – Since our business is based on personal referrals, it is imperative we maintain the highest standard of confidentiality. While you may know of several clients with whom we work, we will not discuss the specifics of any situation under any circumstances. 

Our Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations – If you are ever displeased with any element of our service, or have suggestions on how we can improve, we ask that you share this with one of our senior partners so we may address the issue or improve upon your experience. We rely on the active good will of our clients and will do everything we can to make sure you feel confident in sharing your positive experiences with others. 

Client Service – All clients will be given objective and unbiased advice and courteous service from every member of our team. 


How We Are Compensated – There are four ways in which we receive compensation: 

  1. Financial Planning Fee: The client pays a flat fee or hourly fee for Financial Planning services, which are not ongoing.
  2. Advisory Fee: Under our investment advisory programs and mutual fund asset allocation programs, our advisors provide ongoing investment advice and monitoring of client portfolios. For such services, clients pay a fee for investment management, administrative services, brokerage, and custody. The fee, which is negotiated between the advisor and the client, is typically a percentage fee based on the value of the assets in the account.
  3. Commission: In a brokerage relationship, clients typically pay a commission on each transaction in the account. The amount of the commission in a brokerage relationship varies depending on the security or investment product selected by the client.
  4. Personal Introductions: The final way we are paid is the most important part of our compensation. Our success is measured by our clients' satisfaction and their resulting commitment to refer us to people that may need our services. If you are pleased with the advice and service you receive from Silver Grove Financial Group, we will ask for your help in introducing us to others who could benefit from the type of work we do.